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NEWWORK SOFTWARE is not just building software. We are crafting the future of enterprise operations with our groundbreaking Enterprise AI Platform. Our journey is fueled by innovation, driven by technology, and dedicated to transforming businesses around the globe.

NEWWORK AI Enterprise Platform

Revolutionize Your Business with AI at the Core

Embodying the essence of innovation, the NEWWORK AI Enterprise Platform integrates cutting-edge artificial intelligence to pioneer new ways of working in modern enterprises. This forward-thinking platform is crafted to redefine business agility, intelligence, and connectivity by harnessing AI and workflow-driven automation and insights. Aligned with NEWWORK’s philosophy of transforming traditional business practices, it ensures that organizations are well-prepared for the future, facilitating a transition to smarter, more integrated, and efficient operations that leverage the full potential of digital transformation.


The Core of NEWWORK’s Integrated Platform Strategy

NEWWORK BASE acts as the foundational core of NEWWORK’s suite of platforms, emphasizing deep integration, security, and user experience with an innovative approach. This central platform innovates at the core of all enterprise operations, ensuring consistency and synergy across all modules. Platform leverages cutting-edge technology to facilitate seamless operations and real-time responsiveness, enabling businesses to maintain a competitive edge and adapt swiftly to changing market demands. By driving core innovations, BASE ensures that enterprises are not only equipped for today's challenges but are also future-ready.


Empowering Human Connections

NEWWORK HR+ centralizes all human resources functions, offering a comprehensive toolkit for nurturing talent and managing employee life cycles. This platform enhances HR processes, making it easier to foster a supportive and engaging workplace environment. By facilitating seamless workflows and fostering collaboration across departments, HR+ ensures a supportive, inclusive, and productive workplace environment.


Enhancing Customer Service with Smart Integrations

NEWWORK Services+ transforms customer service delivery by integrating FLOW automation, collaborative tools, and AI insights into a unified, people-centric service platform. This approach ensures seamless service interactions and a more responsive customer support experience. By aligning team efforts and enhancing communication, Services+ empowers service teams to deliver superior support, resolve issues efficiently, and maintain high customer satisfaction.


Elevating Customer Relationships with Advanced Sales Intelligence

NEWWORK Sales+ revolutionizes customer relationship management by seamlessly blending FLOW automation, AI-driven insights, and collaborative tools within a people- centric framework. This enhanced sales platform not only automates the sales cycle but also fosters teamwork and shared insights, allowing for a deeper understanding of customer needs. By integrating these elements, Sales+ enables personalized customer interactions and drives more effective, informed sales strategies, boosting both customer satisfaction and sales performance.


Leading Enterprise Resource Planning with a People-Centric Approach

The NEWWORK ERP+ system revolutionizes traditional ERP with a focus on people- first elements. It integrates multiple business functions into a seamless experience, promoting collaboration, automating workflows, and providing deep insights for better decision-making.


Streamline Your Business Processes for Maximum Efficiency

NEWWORK Flow enhances operational efficiency by automating and optimizing workflows. Deeply integrated within the ERP system, Flow ensures consistency and agility in business processes, adapting dynamically to the needs of modern enterprises.

NEWWORK Employee App

The Digital Workspace Anywhere, Anytime

The NEWWORK Employee App is the ultimate digital companion for modern workforce members. It integrates all functionalities of the NEWWORK platform into a mobile-first experience, allowing employees to access crucial resources, collaborate with peers, and stay aligned with organizational goals, all from their mobile device.


Unifying Applications and Workflows for Seamless Collaboration

As the adhesive that binds different applications and workflows, NEWWORK Glue promotes seamless collaboration within the enterprise. It breaks down silos and integrates functionalities to foster a unified, efficient, and collaborative work environment.


Dynamic Visualization for Strategic Alignment and Decision Making

NEWWORK Map offers a clear, dynamic visualization of an organization’s structure, enhancing strategic planning and operational efficiency. It ensures that processes, systems, and strategies are cohesively integrated, supporting effective data management and decision-making.